Machining Term Resources

Some of our more commonly used terminology is briefly defined below. Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Please contact us anytime by calling 800.483.5817 or emailing with your inquiry.

5 Axis CNC machining

5 axis computerized numerical control used for the most complex of all machining needs. Able to machine 5 sides of a part and achieve complex contours.

CNC Grinding

Computerized numerical control 7 axis grinders to machine drills, taps, reamers, and form tooling out of almost any material. Used for both producing medical tools and make custom tools to machine custom parts.

Gun Drilling

Any time a hole is more than 7 times the drills diameter. Drilling holes using high pressure oil to drill up to 36 inches deep.

Heat Sink

A milled or brazed piece of material bearing fins, fingers, or internal channels to increase surface area, and thus dissipate unwanted heat.

Laser Marking

Marking of data by medium to high powered lasers directly onto marking surfaces. Used for logos, tracking, lot ID, part numbers, and creating measurement scales.


A tool used for enlarging holes previously formed by drilling or boring.

Swiss Machining

Multi axial machining with sub spindles that can turn, mill, thread whirl, and gundrill to cut down on secondary operations. Able to heavier cuts and produce longer parts than what can be achieved on a standard CNC turning lathe.


A rotating tool used to cut threads in a hole. Taps contain threads and are fluted to give cutting edges.

Vacuum Furnace Brazing

Brazing parts together in a vacuum to control contamination of the brazed surfaces. Allows parts to seal evenly providing minimum leakage down to 10 to the negative 7.

Wire EDM

Electronic discharge machining using an electronically charged wire to erode any conductive material.

Product Fabrication

Machining Term Resources
Machining Term Resources
Machining Term Resources
Machining Term Resources