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Solutions To Your Most
Complex ProjectsRiverside Machine & Engineering, Inc. Provides Precision Machining & Aluminum Vacuum Furnace Brazing Services

Together, we build successful futures.

At Riverside, we know there are more ways than ever to finish a project quickly. But we go beyond that. While we’ve mastered working smartly, we also take the time to understand your objectives through every step of your project and apply our capabilities in-house. Partnering in this way ensures uncompromised quality in the finished product and unparalleled satisfaction in you. And helping your business thrive is what we’re truly dedicated to. Contact us today to get started.


Quality. Service. Innovation.

Providing Exacting Quality For Over 35 Years, Our core values are quality, service and innovation. A commitment to these values allows us to provide solutions to your most complex projects - we can handle all aspects of the machining process in-house. From the design engineers through the finishing department, each member of our team strives to meet your project demands and exceed your expectations.

Riverside Machine & Engineering, Inc. was acquired by Metal Craft in 1996 to increase the overall machining and engineering capabilities. Riverside is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Both companies share same core values of quality, service,

innovation, as well as leadership personnel. The two companies work in partnership to provide the best possible service to our customer.

The joining of the two companies has increased our production and service capacities, giving us a greater ability to meet all of your manufacturing needs. You will find the same dedication and commitment to quality, service, and innovation at both companies. Call us today and well show you how these core values can provide you with superior results.